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Right Care was established in 2020 with the objective of offering high-quality therapy services to children using home-based strategies that allow them to enjoy and improve. We are really proud of the fact that we do not limit ourselves to specific procedures. Whatever it takes, we will do all possible and necessary to help the young minds live a normal life. Individual attention and customized developmental program will be given to each child, depending on their distinctness. I’ve been working with special needs children and their families for many years. We are certain that coordinated efforts, as well as family care, may help each child succeed.

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Every circumstance in our lives has an impact on our mental strength. Emotionally healthy people have control over their ideas, feelings, and actions. They are capable of dealing with hardships. They have the ability to keep challenges in growth perspective and recover from failures. However, not many people are aware of this. Emotional well-being has to be treated same as physical well-being. It is necessary to raise awareness, insight, and acceptance of our own feelings. Although the challenges seems to be bigger, the human potential is limitless. Even during a pandemic, we were committed in providing assistance and mental support to the people. We used to spend time with patients who were downhearted, by encouraging their inner voice because “Emotional wellbeing is as important to us as breathing is”.

Our Vision

Right Care strives to be known as a pioneer in assuring mental health and child well-being, with a broad enduement of eradicating “disability” from people’s hearts.

Our Mission

To provide children with high-quality therapy treatments and raise awareness about special needs children and strategies to help them flourish among people from all walks of life.

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